【 Application of Marine Engines 】

When it comes to reliable marine engines and power on the water, you can't afford to compromise. Soar Group is focused on developing solutions tailored for customers in each industry segment to ensure world class quality and durability.

Soar Marine Power Systems is proud to be a partner to global owners and operators. With a commitment to quality products and services, We are the primary solution providers for a wide array of marine applications throughout industry. Soar are focused on being perfectly in tune with the customer needs for each of these segments and providing the appropriate solution for any ship or vessel.

  • Marine Propulsion Engine

    We can offer marine products, including: Marine Propulsion Engines, Marine Auxiliary Engines, Marine Generator Sets as well as Monitoring and Control Systems.
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  • Marine Dual Fuel Propulsion Engine

    The Dual Fuel engines run efficiently on liquid fuels or natural gas with emissions far below the IMO limit. Dual Fuel Propulsion Engines are a major force in cargo and passenger ship propulsion and hence play a valuable role in facilitating world trade.
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  • Marine Auxiliary Engine

    Marine auxiliary engines are mainly used as generator set engines; however, they can be used for electrically driven pumps, winches, conveyors, thrusters, etc. Engines can be radiator cooled or heat exchanger/keel cooled.
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