【 Marine Dual Fuel Propulsion Engine 】

Modern LNG tankers require highly reliable propulsion systems with excellent service support as engine availability is critical. Sailing globally through environmentally sensitive waters demands low engine emissions while operational safety of the propulsion system is paramount. Having a gas-burning auxiliary engine on board is a market breakthrough. This new development opens up a number of possibilities for future applications, not just for LNG carriers, but also for many other vessel types.

We offers highly reliable, efficient, proven propulsion systems that comply with all modern emission legislation when sailing in environmentally sensitive areas and which meet the strict safety requirements that LNG carriers operate under. We offer dual-fuel engines that are geared towards operating on boil-off gas derived from a carrier’s LNG payload and our diesel-electric engine solutions offer a high degree of redundancy.

Depending on developments in fuel availability and pricing in the future, the situation may well arise where bulk carriers, tankers, ferries and container ships are powered by dual-fuel gas-powered main and auxiliary engines. However, an obvious market for such engines that already exists is aboard LPG carriers where the LPG cargo itself, featuring gases such as propane and butane, can be exploited.

The Dual Fuel engines run efficiently on liquid fuels or natural gas with emissions far below the IMO limit. The possibility to switch over seamlessly from gas to diesel operation and vice versa provides full flexibility in multiple applications. Dual Fuel Propulsion Engines are a major force in cargo and passenger ship propulsion and hence play a valuable role in facilitating world trade.

The LNG ship

Marine Dual Fuel Engines

All dual fuel engines can run on natural gas with a methane number higher than 80 without adjustments. For lower methane numbers, Soar can deliver well-adapted solutions. The optimised combustion chamber ensures a very low fuel consumption in both operational modes.
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