【 Mechanical Auxiliary Equipment 】

We are the gas and liquid fired power plants EPC supplier in the world. Provide you with Efficient, flexible and sustainable power generation. We provide plant machinery auxiliary equipment, include Fuel handling system, LO treatment system, Water treatment system, Booting the system, Intake and Exhaust systems, Cooling systems, Exhaust gas boilers and tanks and other mechanical equipment.

1. Fuel Oil System

Fuel oil system mainly consists of fuel oil unloading station (including HFO unloading pump module, LFO unloading pump module), HFO storage tank, HFO settling tank, HFO daily tank, LFO storage tank, HFO supply module, LFO supply module, HFO separator module, FO booster module, leakage fuel oil module, etc.

2. Lubrication Oil System

Lubrication oil system provides required lubrication for all moving parts on the engine. It consists of engine related lubrication system and plant lubrication oil system, which serves the whole power plants operation. including Unloading station, Lube oil supply module, Lube oil separator module, Lube oil auxiliary module and other equipment.

3. Cooling Water System

The engine cooling water system consists of two cooling water circuits, which are Low temperature(LT) and High temperature(HT) water circuits. The heat transfer to engine cooling water is discharged to atmosphere by Radiator Cooling.

4. Compressed Air System

The compressed air supply system consists of starting air receiver and air compressor as follows. The compressed air supply system provides also the control air to the related auxiliaries through pressure-reducing valve.

5. Intake Air System

The system is consisted of intake air filter & silencer, intake air duct etc. The combustion air filtrated by filter in order to meet the requirement of the engine, then entering the cylinder for burning.

6. Exhaust Gas System

The system is consisted of exhaust gas manifold, exhaust gas silencer, exhaust duct, boiler and chimney. The burned air will be discharged to environment through the chimney.

7. Exhaust Heat Recovery Boiler System

Heat recovery boiler system mainly consists of: exhaust heat recovery boiler unit, steam pipeline, valves and pipe fitting etc.

8. Water Treatment Systems

Including Makeup water system, Domestic water supply and domestic sewage system.

9. Oily water and sludge treatment system

The waste water system of the Power Station has to treat oily polluted waste water from all new foreseen/erected buildings and installations. All waste water has to be treated to such a quality that it can be discharged.

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