【 Gaseous Fuels 】

Gas fuels, also known as gas, including gaseous fossil fuels, gaseous biofuels and other pyrolysis gases, refer to any gaseous substance that can be burnt to generate heat or power. It generally contains low molecular weight combustible gases such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and often contains non-combustible gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, wherein the gas fossil fuels include natural gas, coalbed methane, industrial tail gas, etc.; the gaseous biofuels include biomass gas, biogas, etc., which belong to renewable energy sources.

The power plant can use fossil fuels (such as natural gas, fossil oil, and coal, etc.) or renewable energy sources (such as water, wind, solar energy, and biomass energy, etc.). In short, it is economical and environmentally friendly to choose the fuels or energy forms that are easy to get and suitable for you.

The gaseous fuel of our power plant include: Natural gas (including unconventional natural gas, such as oilfield associated gas, coalbed methane, and shale gas, etc.), Gaseous biofuels (such as biomass gas, and biogas, etc.), Coal gasification(such as producer gas, water gas, and semi-water gas, etc.), and Industrial tail gas (such as coke oven gas, semi-coke gas, converter gas, oil shale gas, calcium carbide gas, and iron alloy gas, etc.).

  • Natural Gas

    Natural gas, a fossil fuel composed of mostly methane, is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels. It can be used in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel power generation and vehicles.
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  • Gaseous Biofuels

    Gaseous Biofuels, such as biomass gas and biogas, refer to gas fuels produced by biomass pyrolysis and redox reaction or through anaerobic fermentation of microbes and decomposition.
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  • Coal Mine Gas

    Coal Mine Gas, also known as colliery gas, It is associated gas of coal mining. We distinguish between four kinds of coal mine gas: Coalbed Methane, Coal Mine Methane, Abandoned Mine Methane and Lean gas.
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  • Coal Gasified Gas

    Coal gasified gas(CGG), also known as Coal gasification or Coal to gas, refers to the gases containing combustible components produced by desulfurization and purification of coal as raw material with air (or oxygen) and steam as gasifying agent, after gas
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  • Industrial Tail Gas

    Our genset can adapt to a variety fuel of high, medium and low calorific value. Industrial tail gas that can be used for power generation include: Coke oven gas, Semi-coke gas, Converter gas, Blast furnace gas, Oil shale gas, Calcium carbide gas, and Iron
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