【 Electrical Auxiliary Equipment 】

We provide electrical, transmission and distribution equipment meet international standards and customer requirements. Electrical system mainly includes medium voltage system, low voltage system, control system, etc.

1. MV/HV Switchgears

1). 6.3-13.8kV switch gear shall be indoor, metal-enclosed, floor mounted, draw out type. Meters, relays, switches and lamps will be flush mounted on the respective cubicle door or on control cabinet. The degree of protection enclosure will be of IP 41 or higher.

2). The breakers shall be triple pole, single throw and vacuum circuit breaker.

2. LV Switchgears

1). L.V switch gear will be metal-enclosed, free-standing, dead front structure with electrically operated draw out type air circuit breaker suitable for indoor installation.

2). The air circuit breaker will be 3-pole, 600V class air circuit breaker (ACB) with suitable rating of continuous current rating and interrupting rating respectively.

3. Auxiliary Transformer

Auxiliary Transformer supplies the power for plant.

4. Cables and trays

Cables will be installed in above ground conduits, cable trays, underground conduits or cable trenches or direct buried. Conduits will be rigid steel conduits.

5. Black start Genset

The power station need to collocate a auxiliary Genset, which can supply the black start power, light fuel oil. When the power station comes into good running, the auxiliary engine turns to the emergency standby sets.

6. Plant control and monitoring system

1). There is a central control room in main power building for generating set and HV Switchgear and other auxiliary system. The equipment of supervision, control data collection and some control protection device for electric equipment, generator, and station service transformers are all located in the control room.  2). The operator’s main interface shall be through an operating station consisting of LCD’s mouse and keyboard with color monitor.

7. Field instrumentation

Necessary local instrumentation for field tanks and pipe lines will be provided properly for efficient and reliable plant operation, subject to our standard. Instrumentation will be tropicalized to suitable the conditions of the plant environment.

8. Step-up Station (Optional)

Design scale of 33kv step-up station takes main transformer capacity. The type of main transformer is three-phase on-load tap changer oil-immersed transformer; adopts sectionalized single-bus configuration, one outgoing lines and outgoing line position is reserved. 11/13.8KV side adopts sectionalized single-bus configuration. Number of 11/13.8KV power incoming line circuit is matched with the one supplied by the power plant: one main transformer outgoing lines.

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