【 Natural Gas Power Plants 】

Natural gas power plants refer to the energy station which operate using natural gas as fuel, with Gas engine as prime mover to drive the alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Most of them are small and medium sized power plant less than 250MW installed capacity, with its economy, environmentally friendly, low fuel costs, flexible operation.

Classification of Natural gas power plants: 1 According to different gas, The gas power plant can be classified into Natural gas power plants, oilfield associated gas power plants, Coal methane power plants, Shale gas power plants, etc. 2 According to the genset speed, the gas power plants can be classified into High-speed gas power plants(genset speed more than 1000 rpm), Medium-speed gas power plants(genset speed from 400 rpm to 1000 rpm).

Gas power plants supply electricity power for large factories (Steel, Chemical Ceramic), mining, oil fields. Most of them are distributed energy resources. The distributed energy resources refers to the energy utilization system distributed in the user end through the load center which can be realized by the cogeneration or trigeneration system. It is the main form of efficient use of gas.

Our gas power plants are designed for a wide variety of baseload, load following and peaking solutions. The plants are based on modular engine units that can use various gaseous fuels and run even in the most challenging ambient conditions. Its gas fuel includes Natural gas, oilfield associated gas, coalbed methane, Shale gas, etc.

Natural Gas Power Plant

Natural Gas Generator Set

It is easy for us to build a gas engine power plant with a capacity of more than 100MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several gas generator sets in a power house. Soar's first goal, as a reliable and experienced electrical equipment contractor for the power generation, transmission and distribution market, is to provide total and continuous client based power solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power equipment, and power plant engineering. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Natural Gas Generator Sets.

Natural Gas Power Plant Benefits:

● Operational flexibility: can be activated very rapidly and offers best performances.

● High efficiency: Power efficiency 46%-48%.

● Environmentally friendly and clean: Low emissions, e.g. low CO2 emissions, low NOx emissions, almost no SOx emissions, almost no particle emissions.

● Gas fuel cost low: Gas fuel costs are often lower than those burning liquid fossil fuels.

● High and stable ratings in hot and high locations.

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