【 Emissions 】

Besides the focus on power density and fuel economy, Soar is committed to a steady reduction of the environmental impact of our engines. All types of Our engine are complied with the new upcoming NOx emission regulations(will become effective on January 2016), and do its best to satisfy further request if any from customers.

1 IMO Tier II

Applying well-proven methods to achieve a cleaner and more efficient combustion process, We have significantly decreased NOx emissions. Our four-stroke propulsion engines are IMO Tier II compliant with internal engine measures alone.

2 IMO Tier III

For operation in emission control areas (ECA), We have developed a comprehensive range of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems that tremendously reduces NOx levels surpassing IMO Tier III requirements.

Marine Propulsion Engine

Man Marine Generator Set

We have developed a complete range of SCR systems that work perfectly with our engines for maximum system efficiency. covering our entire portfolio of four-stroke medium speed engines. Some notable benefits of standardisation are significant cost reduction and simplification of installation. Customised SCR systems are offered on demand.

The intelligent exhaust gas temperature control allows for significant savings in fuel consumptions as compared to third-party supplier systems. Our SCR systems work with MGO, MDO and HFO with up to 3.5% sulphur.

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