【 Industrial Tail Gas Power Plants 】

Industrial tail gas power plants refer to the energy station which uses various combustible industrial tail gas as fuel, with gas engine as the prime mover to drive the alternator to run, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. with its economy, environmentally friendly, low fuel costs, flexible operation.

In the production process of semi-coke, coke, shale oil, calcium carbide and ferroalloy refining enterprises, a large number of low-calorific value industrial exhausts will be produced. The components of these combustible gases are mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide, featured by complicated components, contain impurities, unstable components, large toxicity, inflammable and explosive, and most of the exhaust are burned and discharged except for a few for refinery's own use.

For such gases, company developed high-power syngas generator targeted for coke oven gas, semi-coke gas, converter gas, and iron alloy gas etc. Utilization of combustible industrial exhaust gas turning waste into treasure, solve the emissions pollution and save power resources.

Our gas power plants are designed for a wide variety of baseload, load following and peaking solutions. Our genset can adapt to a variety fuel of high, medium and low calorific value, The plants are based on modular engine units that can use various gaseous fuels and run even in the most challenging ambient conditions. Industrial tail gas used for power generation includes coke oven gas, semi-coke gas, converter gas, oil shale gas, calcium carbide gas and iron alloy gas, etc.

Industrial Tail Gas Power Plant

Industrial Tail Gas

It is easy for us to build a gas engine power plant with a capacity of more than 10 MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several gas generator sets in a power house. Soar's first goal, as a reliable and experienced electrical equipment contractor for the power generation, transmission and distribution market, is to provide total and continuous client based power solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power equipment, and power plant engineering. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Industrial Tail Gas Generator Sets.

Industrial Tail Gas Power Plant Benefits:

● Short construction period.

● Low investment.

● Saving electric power resources.

● Avoiding environmental pollution by exhaust gas.

● Long running time, low failure rate, long overhaul period and low running cost.

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