【 HFO Power Plant 】

Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plants refer to the energy station which uses heavy fuel oil as fuel, with the internal combustion engine as the prime mover to drive alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Generally them are small and medium sized power plant less than 300 MW, with small investment, short construction term, high reliability and easy maintenance.

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Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant have been widely applying in all over the world by means of its low operating cost and high reliability, mainly in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. At present, they are not common in China, Europe and the United States. They are common forms as below:

1 Factory & Mining Power Plants: Suitable for steel, cement, chemical industry, mining and other high energy consumption enterprises.

2 Island Power Plant: Suitable for use in island far from the land or areas without grid electricity.

3 Peaking Power Plant: Used in the region where the thermal power, hydropower and wind power varies much and the power demand is unstable.

Medium Speed HFO Power Plant

Low speed HFO Power Plant

HFO Power Plant Benefits:

● High efficiency: Mechanical efficiencies up to 49.0% over.

● Low emissions, fulfillment of worldwide environmental regulations; below World Bank limits.

● High reliability.

● Ease of maintenance: longest safe interval between major overhauls and minimal daily maintenance.

● High operational flexibility, from standby to base load.

● Reliable power supply under all conditions – insensitivity to hot and high-altitude locations.

● Power range from 0.4 MW up to 21 MW/unit.

● Power plants with an output of more than 300 MWe.

● Modular concept for flexible capacity extension.

● Long lifetime.

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