【 Gas Turbine Power Plants 】

Gas Turbine Power Plants generally refer to the energy station which operate using gas or fuel oil as fuel, with gas turbine as prime mover to drive the alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Mostly used for cogeneration or combined cycle power generation projects. At present, the gas turbine generator set is small to a few megawatts, large-scale gas turbine power alone has more than 500MW, power station capacity of up to 1000 MW or more. Thermal efficiency about 30%~38%, large-scale gensets thermal efficiency more than 40%.

Classification of Gas Turbine Power Plants: 1 According to the structure classification, The Gas turbine power plant can be divided into Simple cycle power plant (SCPP), Combined cycle power plant (CCPP), and Cogeneration power plant. 2 According to usage, it can be divided into Stationary power plant, Marine power plant, and Mobile power plant.

Gas turbine can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, biosynthesis, IGCC, distributed energy and other areas of power production and compressor drive, Can adapt to various fuels run on demand in high, medium and low different heating value range. Compared with the steam turbine generator set, the structure of gas turbine generator set, is relatively simple, less auxiliary equipment, thus the investment, covers an area of, with lower cost of power generation. Gas turbine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, quick start, cooling water little.

We can adopt these gas turbine to set up power plants fueled by Natural gas, LPG, Coke oven gas, Blast furnace gas, Coal Gasification and other gas. They can be simple cycle without heat recovery boiler and steam turbine and combined cycled with heat recovery boiler and steam turbine for higher efficiency due to recover the exhaust gas heat. The gas turbine can provide both power and useful heat as co-generation set or just wholly provide power or electricity.

Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine

Soar Group can provide main and auxiliary equipment of gas turbine power plant, and the follow-up service include installation, commissioning, training and after-sales maintenance services. Of course we can also provide power plant EPC service and other diversified solutions. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Gas Turbine Generator Sets

For gas turbine generator sets, before we are approved to supply Gensets, we should get the exact project information so that let Factory HQ to record or approve. If you want us to quote to you, the very simple required data is the gas composition, heat value, gas pressure, altitude and ambient temperature, so that we can choose the type of gas turbines.

Gas Turbine Power Plants Benefits:

● Improved overall electric energy output, Power plants with an output of more than 1000 MW.

● Low emissions, Reduced greenhouse gas and NOx emissions.
● CCPP Electrical efficiency levels up to 50-60%.
● CHP Overall efficiency More than 80%.
● Possible savings in OPEX for energy-intensive industries.
● Power range from 1.0 MW up to 500 MW/unit.
● High reliability and availability level.
● Long lifetime.

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