【 Gas Turbine Generator Sets 】

Gas Turbine Generator Set refer to the power generation device that uses combustible liquid or gas as fuel to drive alternator with gas turbine as prime mover, and convert mechanical energy into electric energy and thermal energy. It consisted of gas turbine, alternator and control system.

Gas turbine refers to a kind of power device that drive the impeller rotating at high-speed with the gas or liquid fuel as a medium, turn the fuel chemical energy into mechanical energy. in fact, the gas turbine is a rotary vane type of heat engine.

Gas turbine can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, biosynthesis, IGCC, distributed energy and other areas of power production and compressor drive, Can adapt to various fuels run on demand in high, medium and low different heating value range. Compared with the steam turbine generator set, the structure of gas turbine generator set, is relatively simple, less auxiliary equipment, thus the investment, covers an area of, with lower cost of power generation. Gas turbine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, quick start, cooling water little.

Soar Group can provide main and auxiliary equipment of gas turbine power plant, and the follow-up service include installation, commissioning, training and after-sales maintenance services. Of course we can also provide power plant EPC service and other diversified solutions. For more power plants information, please vist our website: Power Plant .

  • AECC Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 2.0 - 110 MW
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  • SGT Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 5.0 - 590 MW
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  • GE Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 44 - 519 MW
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  • MHPS Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 28 - 144 MW
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  • Small Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 1.0 - 5.0 MW
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