【 Dual fuel Engine Power Plant 】

Dual Fuel Engine Power Plants refer to the energy station that run on both natural gas and liquid fuels, with dual fuel engine as prime mover to drive the alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Dual Fuel Engine allows conventional diesel engines to operate on a mixture of natural gas and diesel or HFO. The power station also is operated in liquid fuel mode if the supply of gas fuel is interrupted.

The possibility to switch over seamlessly from gas to diesel operation and vice versa provides full flexibility in multiple applications. The optimised combustion chamber ensures very low fuel consumption in both operational modes. Both have excellent and reliable performance of fuel power generation, but also has the economic and environmental benefits of gas power generation. suitable for location on gas shortage or gas supply instability.

When the load of the gensets is not up to 20%, the gensets is completely driven by the fuel oil. And when the load continues to increase, the gas will begin to inject and fuel oil mixed combustion, with the load increase, gas input component (up to 80% or more) will be the corresponding increase. By using the mixture of gas and fuel oil, the cost of fuel is greatly reduced. So that the gensets can not only use conventional fuel oil as fuel, but also part of gas as the alternative fuel of fuel oil. thereby greatly reducing the operating costs, but also reduces the emission of pollution. Gas Source: PNG, LNG, CNG, Oilfield associated etc. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Dual Fuel Generator Sets .

Dual Fuel Engine Power Plant

Dual Fuel Engine Power Plant

Dual Fuel Engine Power Plants Benefits:● Operational flexibility: can be activated very rapidly and offers best performances.● High cost efficiency, environmentally friendly and clean: high efficiency and low emissions, e.g. low CO2 emissions, low NOx emissions, almost no SOx emissions, almost no particle emissions.● Gas fuel costs are often lower than those burning liquid fossil fuels.● Retrofits: for several engine types, a conversion from operation with liquid fuel to operation with natural gas can be provided.● Fuel flexibility: our dual fuel power plants run on gas, diesel or HFO. If one fuel becomes difficult to obtain or gets too expensive, you can simply switch to another source of fuel● Reliable output: dual fuel engines can be changed over from gas to liquid fuel operation and vice versa at full load without any output and speed fluctuations.● High and stable ratings in hot and high locations.

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