【 Coal Mine Gas Power Plant 】

Coal Mine Gas (CMG), also known as colliery gas, It is associated gas of coal mining. We distinguish between four kinds of coal mine gas: Coalbed Methane, Coal Mine Methane, Abandoned Mine Methane and Lean gas. Due to the high methane content of 30 to 95 %, especially CBM, CMM and AMM are suitable for the utilization in gas engines, and is an ideal fuel for power generation. Only lean gas cannot be used for energy generation, because of the low methane content of 0.2 – 1.5%.

When the concentration of methane in mine gas reaches 5%-16% in the air, it will explode in open fire, which is the root cause of Mine gas explosion accident. For coal mine safety, CH4 must be discharged from coal seam before or during coal mining.

During coal production in coal mine, drainage gas with methane concentration above 8% can be used as a fuel for power generation after simple treatment, the generated electricity can be incorporated to coalmine internal power net, and it can also be incorporated directly to national power grid. High temperature exhaust of the engine can be recovered to produce hot water or steam through the waste heat recovery unit.

The use of coal mine gas power generation can effectively solve coal mine gas accidents, improve coal mine safety production conditions, and help increase clean energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve the purpose of protecting life and property and protecting the environment.

Mine gas is divided into high concentration gas and low concentration gas. Our company has leading technology and equipment advantages in low concentration coalbed methane power generation. Low concentration generating units have outstanding advantages. Coalbed methane with a methane concentration of more than 8% can generate electricity. The units can adapt to the characteristics of low gas concentration and large fluctuation of gas sources in coal mines. At present, they have been widely used in major coal mines in China.

Coal Mine Gas Power Plant

Mine Gas Power Plant

It is easy for us to build a gas engine power plant with a capacity of more than 10 MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several gas generator sets in a power house. Soar's first goal, as a reliable and experienced electrical equipment contractor for the power generation, transmission and distribution market, is to provide total and continuous client based power solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power equipment, and power plant engineering. Please choose the suitable product for you >>  Mine Gas Generator Sets.

Coal Mine Gas Power Plant Benefits:

● Effectively solve coal mine gas accidents and ensure safe production.

● Economical and environmentally friendly.

● With a key to start, automatic closing and loading function, high degree of automation.

● Continuously run at full capacity, annual running time 7500 hours, high power generation benefit.

● Low failure rate, long overhaul period and low operating cost.

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