【 Coal Gasification Power Plants 】

Coal gasification Power Plant (abbreviated as CGPP) is a kind of advanced and clean power generation system integrating coal gasification technology and efficient gas engine. It includes coal gasification (coal gasifier) and purification (detarrer, desurfuration equipment) and coal gas power generating(coal gas generator set). Waste heat boiler and steam turbine may also be chosen to make a gas steam combined cycle power generating system.

The process of coal gasification power generation technology: coal is gasified into low calorific value gas, and through purification, pollutants such as sulfides, nitrides and dust in the gas are removed and converted into clean gas fuel, which is then fed into gas internal combustion engine driven generating sets to generate electricity. The exhaust gas of internal combustion engines can be used to generate hot water or or steam by recovery heat boilers, and can also drive combined cycle steam turbine generating sets to generating electricity. Coal gasification power generation can not only improve the power generation efficiency of generator sets, but also greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by coal-fired power generation .

Coal gas is a kind of artificial gas - a combustible gas which is produced by crushing, pressure and pyrolysis of fuel coal. It is a combustion mode of clean coal utilization technology. The calorific value of coal gas is lower than that of natural gas, but its preparation is convenient. It can be produced by own equipment without restriction of transportation pipeline. At present, coal gas is an irreplaceable flammable gas in the utilization of clean energy in China at the status of unsufficient natural gas supply. Because of its many advantages, coal gas has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, and can be used for power generation and domestic gas.

With the continuous development and advancement of coal gasification and gas engine technologies, large capacity, high efficiency and low emission will be the trends of coal gasification power generation technology.

Our gas power plants are designed for a wide variety of baseload, load following and peaking solutions. Our genset can adapt to a variety fuel of high, medium and low calorific value, The plants are based on modular engine units that can use various gaseous fuels and run even in the most challenging ambient conditions.

Coal Gasification Power Plants

Coal Gasification

It is easy for us to build a gas engine power plant with a capacity of more than 10 MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several gas generator sets in a power house. Soar's first goal, as a reliable and experienced electrical equipment contractor for the power generation, transmission and distribution market, is to provide total and continuous client based power solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power equipment, and power plant engineering. Please choose the suitable product for you >>  Coal Gasification Generator Sets.

Coal Gasification Power Plant Benefits:● Short construction period.● Low investment (including equipment, land, civil works and installation).● Low water consumption.● Easy operation, flexible start and stop.● Low operation and maintenance cost. ● low emission, environmental friendly.

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