【 Biogas Power Plants 】

Biogas power plant refers to an energy station which uses ascombustible gas as fuel produced by anaerobic fermentation technology of biomass, and with gas engine as the prime mover to drive the alternator to run, and converts mechanical energy into electric energy and thermal energy. A biogas power plant consists of two parts: a power generation system and a gas production system of anaerobic fermentation, in which the gas production system includes a biogas tans and a purification device.

Biogas is a kind of combustible gas produced by organic matter through microbial fermentation under anaerobic conditions. There is popular biogas such as Bio gas produced by straw and mushroom residue, etc.; Sewage gas produced by sewage & sludge, livestock manure and food waste, etc.; and Landfill gas, etc.

Biogas power generation is a biogas utilization technology with the continuous development of large-scale biogas digester construction and comprehensive utilization of biogas. It uses the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation to generate electricity and heat energy. It is an inexpensive and widely distributed energy source with the characteristics of efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

Biogas Power Plants

Biogas Power Plants

It is easy for us to build a gas engine power plant with a capacity of more than 10 MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several gas generator sets in a power house. Soar's first goal, as a reliable and experienced electrical equipment contractor for the power generation, transmission and distribution market, is to provide total and continuous client based power solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power equipment, and power plant engineering. Please choose the suitable product for you >>  Biogas Generator Sets.

Biogas Power Plant Benefits:

● Low investment (including equipment, land, civil works and installation).

● Suitable for CCHP distributed energy systems.

● Modular design, easy installation, reduce space.

● Very economical with high thermal efficiency.

● Easy maintenance.

● High degree of automation, high safety and low operating cost.

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