【 Hydraulic Turbine Generator Sets 】

The hydraulic turbine generator set refers to a power generation device that converts water energy into electrical energy by a turbine as a prime mover. When the water flows through the turbine, the water energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy output by means of the generator driven by the rotating shaft of the turbine drives connected to the rotor of the generator. The hydroelectric set is composed of a hydraulic turbine, an alternator and control system, and is the main equipment of hydroelectric stations.

Our company supplies hydraulic turbine generator sets with output rating from 1.0 MW to 100 MW. In addition to providing you with supplies, installation, testing, training and after-market maintenance services for main and auxiliary equipment of power stations, we also supply diversified solutions for EPC of power plants.

Hydraulic Turbine Generator Sets
Hydroelectric Station

SOAR Group has strong capabilities in the energy field. We are involved in the fields of thermal power generation, hydro-power, wind power, nuclear power systems and power plant control systems, etc., and we have more than 20 years of experience in power.

The products operated by the company are specifically designed in compliance of electrical and environmental requirements, the long-term performance and high reliability of which have been trusted and recognized by users all over the world; We are earned excellence and efficiency by excellent engineering technology, excellent quality control and reliable service.

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