【 Turbine generator set 】

Turbine Generator Sets refer to the power generation device that drive alternator with turbine as prime mover, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. It consists of turbine, alternator and control system.

Turbine is a kind of device that impact impeller with fluid, or drives the impeller to rotate with gas, liquid fuel. Its working process is to convert chemical energy or other renewable energy into mechanical energy. The turbine can be divided into the Gas turbines, Steam turbines and Hydraulic turbine and so on, widely used in power generation, aviation, ships and other power-driven field.

Classification of Turbine Generator Sets  According to the type of energy used, Turbine generator sets can be classified into Gas turbine generator sets, Steam turbine generator sets, Hydraulic turbine generator sets and wind turbines generator sets etc. Generator products are widely used in power plants, oil, and ships and other field.

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  • Gas Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 1.0 MW - 590 MW
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  • Steam Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 3.0 MW - 600 MW
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  • Hydraulic Turbine Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 1.0 MW - 100 MW
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