【 Liquid Biofuel Generator Sets 】

Liquid Biofuel generator sets refer to the power generation device which operate using liquid biofuel as fuel, with internal combustion engine as prime mover to drive alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. It can burn vegetable oils (such as palm oil, and corn oil, etc.), animal fats, used cooking oil, frying fat and tallow. etc.

All of our medium speed liquid fuel engines can burn liquid biofuels. Biofuels generate less CO2 and considerably lower particle emissions than HFO, and emit practically no sulphates. For more fuels information, please vist here:  Liquid Biofuel .

And, as our customers have found, going green covers financial as well as environmental benefits. Instead of needing expensive and unpredictably priced fossil fuel, biofuel engines can be run using waste products, such as cooking oil or animal fat.

Even better, biofuel engines can be run for Combined Heat and Power (CHP). By harnessing the thermal energy that is a by-product of generating electrical energy, these systems achieve exceptional levels of efficiency. In other words, CHP, or cogeneration as it is also known, saves even more money, saves even more energy and is even better for the environment. For these reasons, projects based on biofuels are often eligible for subsidies and support programmes. Soar can help customers to capitalise on the assistance available.

  • Man Liquid Biofuel Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 0.42 - 8.7 MW
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