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Our products are widely used in industrial fields, and main provide power and electric power for industrial and mining enterprises.

HHI Industrial power Hyundai engine has simple and smart design suitable for pumping applications with high reliability and performance. HHI Engines can run on liquid fuel such as Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Diesel Oil (DO) or natural gas. It is designed with low fuel consumption, NOx emission, Smoke, simple, smart and robust structure etc. which is based on the following speciic designs: 1. Optimized Supercharging with Miller Cycle and High Fuel Injection Pressure. 2. Number of engine components are minimized with Pipe-Free design. 3. Most of the components are directly accessible for easier maintenance. 4. Feed System is fully modularized with direct access.

Industrial Diesel engines (Rating: 1.1~9.5 MW)

Industrial Gas Engine (Rating: 2.8~9.6 MW)

Caterpillar Industrial power Caterpillar Industrial power systems has 300,000 units worldwide, Caterpillar engines are widely used in air compressor, broken equipment, positive crane, gantry crane, fire pump, concrete equipment, mining and other industrial fields. Power range is from 10 to 6598 bhp (8 to 4920 bkw). Caterpillar engines used as power, will give you and your customers very competitive benefits; To provide you with Caterpillar power you need. We will help you to provide the optimal power to your clients to meet their needs.

Industrial Gas Turbines Gas turbines refers to a kind of power device that drive the impeller rotating at high-speed with the gas or liquid fuel as a medium, turn the fuel chemical energy into mechanical energy. in fact, the gas turbine is a rotary vane type of heat engine.

We supply Industrial Gas Turbines, Output Rating from 1.0 MW up to 60 MW. The gas turbine offers an extremely long life with a high level of reliability and availability. The modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance features to realize an optimized cost-to-benefit ratio over the entire lifecycle. The Industrial gas turbine is available for mechanical drive applications including compressor drives for pipeline and process applications as well as pump drives for oil pipelines and water injection. Both onshore and offshore requirements are perfectly met.

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    Our stationary engines and turbines to work reliably in even the most rugged environments and grant a high level of efficiency in full and partial load operations
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    We supplies Industrial engine, power range from 60 KW to 55 MW. Industrial engines are mainly used to drive Compressor, industrial pump, transmission device, also drive generator. Has the advantages of high reliability, low emission, low operation cost, m
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