【 Solutions of Power Plants 】

Do you want to invest in power plant whether for Independent power producer, Construction site, standby or captive power? As an experienced system supplier in construction, operation and EPC turnkey projects of power plants, based on its professional and technical strength, Soar Group is able to provide you with tailor-made power plant solutions -- from the professional, fast, efficient and flexible selection of power plants and their location to the construction, operation and management.

Our power plants range from natural gas to liquid biofuels, from baseload to peak load, from 1 MW to 1000 MW installed capacity and above, our power plants are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

The installed capacity of our Gas turbine power plants range from 2 MW to 1000 MW, gas engine power plants from 1 MW to 250 MW, fuel oil power plants from 1 MW to 300 MW. the power station can burn combustible gas, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, crude oil or liquid biofuels fuel. with the fuel diversity and dual fuel flexibility, we can provide you with a broad choice.

  • Power Plant Selection

    • Power Plant Selection

      Soar Group is able to provide you with tailor-made power plant solutions. Please contact us to help you determine what power plants or power generation products best fit your needs, or compare products.
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    • Power Plant Structures

      If you plan to invest in the power plant, you should determine the structure of power plant according to actual situation and the need at first. Common form of power station include: Simple cycle, Cogeneration/CHP, Combined cycle and Hybrid power forms.
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  • Power Plant Project

    • Power Plant Tech Proposal

      Soar's first goal, is to provide total and continuous client based solutions. Provide you with efficient, flexible and sustainable power generation.
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    • Power Plant Design

      The modular power plant design of our diesel allows individual detailed design with minimal planning and construction costs and the shortest possible construction time. The resulting combinations cater for any and all the possible requirements of our cust
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    • EPC Projects of Power Plants

      We deliver everything in power plant construction – all the way from single generator sets to complete EPC power plant projects. In this type of project, we have the experience.
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