【 Power Plant Design 】

1 We accommodate your objectives

The modular power plant design of our diesel allows individual detailed design with minimal planning and construction costs and the shortest possible construction time. Our idea is simple and convincing: Made-to-measure power plants consisting of standardized modules that are each compatible with one another. The resulting combinations cater for any and all the possible requirements of our customers. If your requirement cannot be met, we will develop a solution because we accommodate your objectives.

Layout design of gas turbine power plant

Layout design of HFO power plant

2 Down to the very last detail

We plan every part of a power plant down to the very last detail and put together the appropriate modules. In the powerhouse, for example, you can determine even the smallest screw in the piping with us because you decide how your power plant should be equipped.

HFO power plant internal arrangement

Installation design of power plant

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