【 Engine Generator Sets 】

Engine Generator Sets (Internal Combustion Engine generator sets) refer to the power generation device that can burn the liquid or gas fuel mixed with air in the cylinder and get the power to drive the alternator, and convert the heat energy into mechanical energy, then into electrical energy. and has the advantage of small size, high thermal efficiency, and good start-up performance. It can burn gas, fuel oil and dual fuel. For more Fuels information, please vist here: Fuels.

Engine Generator Sets classification:

1 According to the difference of fuel, gensets can be classified into Gas generator sets, Fuel oil generator sets and Double fuel generator sets, wherein the Fuel oil generator sets can be divided into the diesel generator sets, liquid biofuels generator sets, heavy fuel oil generator sets, and crude oil generator sets, etc.

2 According to engine speed, gensets can be classified into High-speed generator sets (speed ≥1000 r/min), Medium-speed generator sets (speed from 400 to 1000 r/min), and Low-speed generator sets (speed ≤400 r/min).

3 According to operating environment, gensets can be classified into Land generator sets, Marine generator sets and Oilfield generator sets, wherein the land generator sets including Stationary generator sets and Mobile generator sets.

4 According to their usage, the gensets can be classified into Standard generator sets and Special generator sets.

Engine generator sets are widely used in industrial, mining, power plant, oil field, traffic, communication, construction and other fields. There are all kind of internal combustion engine gensets in our business scope. Such as high speed four stroke internal combustion engine gensets, which power range from 7.6 kW to 3,000 kW. Medium speed four stroke gas internal combustion engines gensets, which power range from 0.4 MW to 22 MW. Low speed two stroke generator set, which power range from 4.0 MW to 77 MW.

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  • Gas Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 0.2 - 21 MW
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  • Fuel Oil Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 7.6kW - 77 MW
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  • Dual Fuel Generator Sets

    Product Specifications: 0.6 - 22 MW
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