【 Power Plant Equipment 】

We are the leading global power plant EPC contractors and high-quality equipment supplier of power plants. We can provide you with safe, reliable and durable power plants equipment, which excellent quality and outstanding performance has won the user's trust and praise all over the world. Our plant equipment range from gas to liquid biofuels, from the basic load to the variable load, from 1 MW to 590 MW generator sets, and designed to meet the customers’ specific needs.

  • Generator Sets

    • Engine Generator Sets

      According to the difference of fuel, gensets can be classified into gas, fuel oil and double fuel gensets, and fuel oil gensets can be divided into the diesel gensets, liquid bio-fuels gensets, heavy oil gensets, crude oil gensets, etc.
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    • Turbine Generator Sets

      According to driving form, Turbine generator can be divided into Gas turbine generator sets, Steam turbine generator sets, Hydraulic turbine generator sets and wind turbines generator sets etc. Generator products are widely used in power plants, oil, and
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    • Special Generator Sets

      Special Generator Sets refer to the power generation device that can meet specific applications and purposes and is suitable for use in a specific environment or occasion. the special generator set can be classified into Enclosed generator sets, mobile ge
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  • Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment

    • Mechanical Auxiliary Equipment

      We provide plant machinery auxiliary equipment, include Fuel handling system, LO treatment system, Water treatment system, Booting the system, Intake and Exhaust systems, Cooling systems, Exhaust gas boilers and tanks and other mechanical equipment.
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    • Electrical Auxiliary Equipment

      We provide electrical products, transmission and distribution equipment in compliance with international standards and customer requirements. including: medium voltage system, low voltage system, control system, etc.
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