【 Marine Power Generation 】

Marine generator sets can be used as onboard main power supply and emergency power supply. A wider range of services and automated systems has increased the demand for electricity on board ships. Our complete generator sets secure reliable and economical power generation and distribution. Modern auxiliary engines run on the same high-viscosity fuel grades as the main engines to maximize economy. Overall installation costs can be minimised by using compact modular fuel treatment systems, available in standard sizes.

Power Management of Gensets:

When making power management system of multi-Gensets for marine application, a proper load balance is to be considered by shipyard. In case of a failure of one engine, its output has to be made up for by the remaining engines or by reducing/switching off electric consumers. No overload of remaining engine is allowed for such a case.

Marine Power Generation

Passenger ship

GenSets can be applied as auxiliary GenSets, GenSets for diesel-electric propulsion or for offshore applications. Project specific demands can be clarified at an early project stage. We offers this advanced package solution in close cooperation with leading E-suppliers.
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