【 FO/Gas Dual Fuel 】

Dual fuel engines run on both natural gas and liquid fuels.

The advantage of the dual fuel technology is without a doubt its fuel flexibility. This technology makes it possible to utilise the economic and environmental superiority of gas fuel, although its conditions for use cannot (yet) be reliably ensured in the short term. Our dual fuel engines are the appropriate solution for gas operation.

Natural gas is suitable for our gas engines. The benefits of natural gas are low price and good environmental compatibility, thanks to its clean combustion. A disadvantage is that the infrastructure to ensure a safe and continuous availability is not yet in place.  This is essential for the operation of pure gas engines.

If the availability of natural gas is not reliable, the ships can still operating with our dual fuel engines. If the supply of gas fuel is interrupted, the engine is simply operated in liquid fuel mode. The liquid fuel is simply stored in tanks.

In addition to natural gas, our medium speed dual fuel engines are able to run on all other fuels suitable for our liquid fuel engines. These range from liquid biofuel to distillates (MDO/MGO), crude oil and HFO.

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