【 Retrofit & Upgrade 】

We offers you advanced modernization solutions to optimize the reliability, availability, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability of your existing equipment. Furthermore, our modernization solutions are tailor-made to your specific machinery. Our retrofit concepts involve not only the core machine itself but also the auxiliary systems, instruments, and controls your equipment requires.

Fuel Conversion

We offer you a large range of tailor-made modernization solutions to keep your equipment up to date. Are you thinking about upgrading your engine? We provide retrofits for existing diesel engines, making it easier for our customer to benefit from gas as well as from fuel. Our upgrade guarantees a rock-solid return on our customer's investment.

As the price and availability of fuel varies, it can become more economical to change the fuel that powers your prime mover, or at least to have the option of switching between fuel types. Fuel conversion is a large undertaking but one in which Soar has long experience. Soar retrofit concepts help you reduce downtimes and enhance the overall profitability of your business.

Monitoring & Controlling

Diesel technology becomes more advanced with every year but our engines can be upgraded to reap the benefit of the new technology. This includes advances in monitoring and controlling systems that improve safety and optimise your engines performance.

Fuel & Lube oil savings

The consumption of fuel and lubricating oil is one of the biggest expenses in modern shipping. Soar can minimise your engines’ oil use and maximise the return on your investment through the retrofitting of cutting-edge technology designed to make your vessel even more efficient. This includes such retrofits as the Alpha Lubricator, turbocharger retrofit and tailor-made slow steaming on request.

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