【 Crude Oil Generator Sets 】

Crude Oil Generator Sets refer to the power generation device that uses crude oil extracted from oil field as main fuel to drive alternator with internal combustion engine as prime mover to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A special advantage is fuel flexibility: Our engines can run readily on crude oil taken direct from wells and conditioned on site. It ensures reliable, economical working.

Crude Oil refers to the substance is extracted directly from the oil well in the purest and undiffused condition. For more crude oil information, please vist our website: Crude Oil .

Classification of Crude oil generator sets: The Crude oil generator sets can be classified as land oilfield generator sets, offshore generator sets and Containerized generator sets according to their usage. Among them, offshore oilfield generator sets have been widely used in offshore oil drilling platforms and power barges, and we can provide various certificates of classification societies according to user requirements.

Our medium-speed generator sets are well proven in operation on crude oil taken directly from oil well and conditioned on site. Exploiting crude oil to feed the large consumers involved in oil and gas exploration and production is both an economical solution and saves the considerable CO2 emissions involved in the refining of distillate fuels and their transport via pumping stations from and to the oil field. For Crude oil power plants information, please vist our website: Crude Oil Power Plant .  

We supply Crude Oil Generator Sets with output rating from 1.0 MW up to 22.3 MW. They are widely applied to land oilfield, offshore drilling platform and power barges. and provide stable electric power guarantee for oil drilling, production and daily life.

  • Man Crude Oil Generator Sets

    Ratings: 1.0 - 8.7 MW
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  • MaK Crude Oil Generator Sets

    Ratings: 2.7 - 14.8 MW
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