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1. The copyright of all contents of this website, including all texts, pictures and audio and video materials, is owned by Siao Power Group. published. The media and websites that have been authorized by the agreement of this website must be used in accordance with the agreement. Violators will be held accountable according to law.

2. All texts/pictures and other manuscripts marked "Source: XXX" on this website are reproduced on this website for the purpose of conveying more information, which does not mean agreeing with their views or confirming the authenticity of their content.

3. Except for the content marked "Source: SOAR", the following contents of this website cannot be reproduced arbitrarily:
a. Links related to non-this website content pointed to by this website;
b. Contents that have made a statement that they cannot be reproduced or reproduced without permission;
c. Non-copyright content of this website, such as works of others that are not signed by this website or quoted or reproduced by this website; d. The unique graphics, logos, page styles, layout methods, programs, etc. on this website;
e. Contents on this website that must be known only with special authorization or with registered user qualifications;
f. Contents that are not permitted by other laws or that this website deems unsuitable for reprinting.

4. Reprinting or citing the contents of this website must be reasonable and good faith citations for the purpose of using news or informative public free information. The original intention of the contents of this website shall not be distorted or modified, and the "source of the manuscript" indicated on this website must be retained. , and bear legal responsibilities such as copyright.

5. Reprinting or citing the contents of this website shall not carry out the following activities:
a. Damage this website or the interests of others;
b. Any illegal act;
c. Any behavior that may damage public order and good morals;
d. Allow others to continue to reprint and quote the content of this website without authorization;
6. The company is not responsible for civil disputes, administrative handling or other losses caused by improper reprinting or quoting of the content of this website.

7. The contents of this website may be changed or updated at any time without notice. All contents are not binding on our company. When you log in to our website, it means that you have read and agreed to our copyright statement.

8. The company reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities for those who do not abide by this statement or use the contents of this website illegally or maliciously.

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