【 Power Plant Engineering 】

Power Plant Engineering at Soar is responsible for the entire engineering of power plants – from technical development to completion. For information on our Power Plant EPC Engineering please click this link: EPC of Power Plant .

1 Engineering Service

Our aim is to be the optimum partner for power plants, irrespective of category and scope of supply. We are always committed to provide high reliability with low maintenance, outstanding power supply, maximum safety and great flexibility. With the expertise and experience of our team of 30 highly qualified engineers and technicians, we offer the best solutions.

1.1 Meeting the toughest demands

Today, demands to economy and eco-friendliness are becoming increasingly tougher. In our field we are at the forefront of technological development, and we always strive to meet your requirements to the highest quality standard.

Many of our concepts, such as the combined cycle or combined heat and power process, offer you unique advantages and are always perfectly tailored to the plant.

Whether it is a matter of equipment supply or a whole EPC project, Soar's engineering department guarantees the best possible solutions in technical terms for your systems, modules and components.

1.2 Your one-stop shop for power plant engineering

From system engineering, through structural engineering, to electrical engineering and control systems, we have the complete setup for EPC projects available in house, making us a one-stop shop for highly efficient and innovative power plant engineering.

SOAR’s  own high standards and principles guarantee you first-class results and long-standing benchmark-setting quality.

Power Engineering stands for reliable expertise and innovation in power plant engineering and offers the right product for you.

2 Site Activities

2.1 From planning to take-over

Our competences cover the whole range of the project execution phase, starting with the planning and preparation of site activities, the execution of erection works and the commissioning of the entire power plant right up to the Taking Over Certificate (TOC). Our mission and responsibilities are:

● Project supervision

Establishing and providing expertise to the project for construction supervision and commissioning execution in the most economical manner.

● Project support

Supporting the project via qualified personnel in the back office as well as on site.

● Specialist knowledge

Structuring and developing construction and commissioning specialists within the Global Organization with a focus on specific regions.

● Tools and processes

Developing and implementing appropriate tools, processes and method statements.

● Organizational support

Professionally supporting organizational entities such as Tendering, Engineering, Procurement and Project Management Departments.

2.2 Construction / Site Management

Our site management department consists of experts covering all levels from site managers to specialized supervisors and administration personnel.

2.3 Commissioning

We Switch On The Power. Commissioning executed by the commissioning comprising an international team of experts.

More information on our Power Plant Service Please click this link: Power Plant Service .

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