【 Marine Electric Propulsion System (MEPS) 】

Our comprehensive propulsion packages include the complete array of required components from GenSets to propulsors, including switchboards, variable speed drives and propulsion motors. Full diesel-electric propulsion power trains ensure the optimal technical and economical solution while maximising power demand flexibility.

Recent developments in diesel-electric propulsion have resulted in electric systems where engines can operate at variable speed. The "classic" constant speed operation of GenSets is no longer a constraint. Utilising an enlarged engine operation map with a speed range of 60% to 100% paves the way to a high potential in fuel oil savings. Each speed set point of the engines can be adjusted independently, in order to achieve a minimum fuel oil consumption according to the system load. The electric system using DC distribution enables a decoupled operation of the engines, propulsion drives, and other consumers of energy.

Marine Electric Propulsion solution

Diesel electric propulsion plant

GenSets can be applied as auxiliary GenSets, GenSets for diesel-electric propulsion or for offshore applications. Project specific demands can be clarified at an early project stage. We offers this advanced package solution in close cooperation with leading E-suppliers.
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