【 Gaseous Biofuel Power Plants 】

Gaseous biofuel Power Plants refer to the energy station which operate using biomass-converted combustible gas as fuel, with engine as prime mover to drive the generator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. They mainly consists of two major components, namely the power generation part and the gas production & purification part. It is efficient, economical, clean and environment-friendly.

Gaseous biofuels are suitable for the development of distributed energy sources. Firstly, biomass is a dispersive resource, and its most reasonable way of utilization is to transform and utilize it in a moderate scale in situ; secondly, natural gas is the most widely used in cogeneration system of heat and electricity at present, while biogas can replace it directly or after purification; thirdly, the development of hydrogen fuel cells.

Gaseous biofuel power plants are suitable for various biomass gases and biogas. For more fuels information, please vist here: Gaseous Biofuels.

Classification of Gaseous biofuels Power Plants: 1 According to different gas fuels, the Gaseous biofuel power plants can be classified into Biomass gas power plants, and Biogas power plants. 2 According to the engine speed, the Gaseous biofuel power plants can be classified into High-speed power plants (engine speed more than 1000 rpm), Medium-speed power plants (engine speed at 500 to 1000 rpm).

With more understanding of economic benefits, energy utilization and environmental protection, gaseous biofuels, as environmentally friendly and clean energy, can turn waste into treasure, have attracted more and more attention. Biomass gas, biogas and other gases produced by animal and plant resources are all renewable new energy sources vigorously advocated at present. With more and more distributed energy power plants, the future development prospects of gas are promising for a long time. We devote ourselves to bigger development space for you in the field of gas, which will bring you incomparable and competitive advantage.

  • Biomass Gas Power Plants

    Biomass gas power plants refers to the energy station which uses biomass gas as fuel with gas engine as prime mover to drive alternator to run and convert mechanical energy into electric energy and thermal energy.
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  • Biogas Power Plants

    Biogas power plant refers to an energy station which uses ascombustible gas as fuel produced by anaerobic fermentation technology of biomass, and with gas engine as the prime mover to drive the generator to run, and converts mechanical energy into electri
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