【 Diesel Oil Power Plant 】

Diesel oil power plants refer to the energy station which uses diesel oil as fuel, with the internal combustion engine as prime mover to drive the alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Generally them are small and medium sized power plant less than 250 MW, with small investment, short construction term, high reliability and easy maintenance.

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Classification of diesel power plants, According to the speed of generator sets, gensets can be classified into high-speed diesel power plants and medium-speed diesel power plants. Here is a brief introduction:

1 High-Speed Diesel Power Plants: Its are mainly small emergent ones from tens of kilowatts to couples of megawatts. According to the customer's demand, a single or installation of parallel system can be used; It can be configured with ATS automatic switching system as an emergency power supply; it can also be produced as static speaker type or container type. It is widely used in factories, transportation, construction, hospitals, communication and other fields with the main forms of the fixed or the mobile (power car or trailer).

2 Medium-Speed Diesel Power Plants: Mostly used for the peak power plant, industrial & mining power plant, island power plant and security power of thermal power plant. The unit power of generator sets range from 1 MW to 21 MW.

3 Nuclear Plant Emergency Gensets: We provide emergency diesel generator sets from 2.8 MW to 9 MW/unit for nuclear power plants. Diesel engines are key components of the generator sets for the safety of a nuclear power plant. When fast start-up and supreme reliability really matters, diesel engines have always been the technology of choice. In nuclear power plants, this is no different.

High-Speed Diesel Power Plant

Medium-Speed Diesel Power Plant

Medium-Speed DO Power Plant Benefits:

● High efficiency: Mechanical efficiencies up to 49.0% over.

● Low emissions, fulfillment of worldwide environmental regulations; below World Bank limits.

● High reliability.

● Ease of maintenance : longest safe interval between major overhauls and minimal daily maintenance.

● High operational flexibility, from standby to base load.

● Reliable power supply under all conditions – insensitivity to hot and high-altitude locations.

● Power range from 0.4 MW up to 21 MW/unit.

● Power plants with an output of more than 250 MWe.

● Modular concept for flexible capacity extension.

● Long lifetime.

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