【 Pyrolysis Oil 】

Pyrolysis Oil refers to the liquid fuel obtained by catalytic cracking of recycled waste rubber and petrochemical products such as waste tires, waste rubber, plastic wastes and waste lube oil (WLO). It mainly includes tyre pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis oil of WLO, etc., which are renewable energy sources. It can be used as fuel for vehicles, ships and power generation.

Because renewable resources in production and living that can be recycled are increasing, under the support of the national preferential policies for the recycling of renewable resources, China's waste material recycling industry has developed rapidly, and the recycling and processing system of renewable resources has gradually formed. The main types of waste materials recycling enterprises have an annual processing capacity of more than 30 million tons. The recycling capacity and processing quality of waste plastics, rubber and engine oil have been greatly improved. At present, waste rubber and plastics oil refining has been widely used in power generation industry.

1. Tyre Pyrolysis Oil refers to fuel oil obtained by high-temperature catalytic cracking and purification of waste tires and waste rubber.

Governments all over the world attach great importance to the recycling of waste rubber and formulate policies to encourage the use of waste rubber. The annual output of tires in my country ranks third in the world, with more than 130 million tires, and more than 65 million waste tires are produced every year. The refining of rubber waste has also attracted worldwide attention. Through the cracking method, 350kg of fuel oil, 370kg of carbon black and 140kg of steel wire can be recovered from each ton of waste tires.

2. Plastic Pyrolysis Oil refers to the fuel oil refined from plastic wastes through high-temperature catalytic cracking.

There are many types of plastic wastes. The common ones are plastic film, packaging woven tape, fast food box, foam plastic, food plastic bag, plastic product scraps and various electrical packaging and shells, etc. All plastics are macromolecular compounds formed by the polymerization of C and H elements in petroleum.

It is estimated that for every 1 ton of waste plastic recovered, 700 kg of renewable fuel oil can be produced, which saves 85% of energy, 70% to 80% of processing fees, 2 tons of coal, 500 kWh of electricity, and 117 barrels of oil.

3. Pyrolysis oil of Waste Lube Oil refers to light fuel oil refined from waste lube oil through catalytic cracking reaction, fractionation and purification.

At present, large machinery such as automobiles, ships, airplanes and trains in our country generate 25-30 million tons of waste lube oil every year. Such a huge amount of waste lube oil not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes valuable resources for recycling. Pyrolysis of waste engine oil to gasoline and diesel fuel effectively solves the environmental pollution problem of waste lube oil and becomes a new way to save energy and develop circular economy.

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