【 Liquid Gas Fuels 】

The options of power plants fuel should be considered based on energy resources, policy factors, fuel prices and power plants applications in the user's local. Gas is environmental and heavy fuel oil is economic. The fuel of our power plants range from natural gas to liquid biofuels, not only gas but also fuel oil. The power plant can use not only single fuel but also dual fuel, not only high calorific value fuel but also low calorific value fuel, even perhydrous gas. The diversity of fuel, the flexibility of dual fuel, provide you with a wide choice.

The Liquid gas fuel of our power plant include: LPG, DME, Methanol, and Ethanol, etc.

  • LPG

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), is a kind of clean-burning fossil fuel that can be used to drive turbine or internal combustion engines. It is a mixture of propane and butane, usually accompanied by a small amount of propylene and butane.
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  • Other Liquid Gas Fuels

    In addition to Liquefied petroleum gas, other liquefied gas fuels that can be used for power generation include DME, Methanol, and Ethanol, etc.
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