【 EPC Projects of Power Plants 】

We deliver everything in power plant construction – all the way from single generator sets to complete EPC power plant projects. In this type of project, we have the experience and the knowhow to work with all interested parties - from major utilities to operators of municipal or industrial cogeneration plants and Independent Power Producers.

Soar is your reliable partner in all aspects of power plant construction. We have the experience and the capacity to work as a main contractor or consortium leader in the construction of complete power plants. Our scope of supply can range from individual gensets to complete, ready-to-run power plants based on full EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). You can see an illustration of our EPC scope of delivery below.

We deliver:

1 Services

Services are included in all of our scopes. The range of the different services can vary and depends on the selected scope of supply.

For information on our power plant services please click this link: Power Plant Engineering and  Power Plant Services .

2 Genset

We provide you generally the engine and the alternator. This includes basically the connecting between engine and alternator, the base frame and an engine gallery for service and maintenance. This scope includes:

-Engine with base frame

-Engine control system


-Connecting components


3 Basic Equipment Supply

This scope of supply additionally consists of mechanical and process systems which cover the engine related auxiliaries. Optional you can order the genset control and interface panel. This scope includes the Genset plus:

-Fuel system

-Lube oil system

-Cooling water system (Radiator or Cooling tower)

-Starting air system

-Intake air system.

-Exhaust gas silencer

4 Extended Equipment Supply

This scope additionally contains an extended delivery share of mechanical systems which cover the plant related equipment. Also the MV and LV installations and the station transformers are included. This scope includes the Basic ES plus:

-Waste heat recovery system (Optional)

-Steam generating system-CCPP (Optional)

-Hot water system (Optional)

-Fuel treatment and supply unit

-Main water supply system

-electrical control systems for equipment within scope of delivery

-MV / LV equipment, station transformer

-Optional: Instrumentation for delivered equipment, Step-up transformer, Black start diesel genset.

5 EPC-M&E only (Mechanical and Electrical Equipment only)

We provide you engineering and procurement for the whole mechanical and electrical equipment for operating a power plant. This includes additionally to the other scopes cable routing, HV installation, special mechanical/process solutions, 3D-planning, piping and steelworks. The scope also contains outhouses as well as additional plant referring systems. This scope includes Extended ES plus:

-HV installations

-special solutions (e.g. Engine combined cycle)

-Exhaust gas treatment system

-Fire Fighting system

-Water treatment system

- Effluent treatment system

-Unloading station and discharge system

-Tank farm

-Structural engineering - all buildings

-3D-planning and delivery of piping for respective scope

-Cable routing for respective scope

-optional: structural delivery (steelwork) of buildings.

6 EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

EPC means, quite simply, that we take care of everything. We hand you a complete power plant, ready for operation. This means all engineering services as well as project management, site management, supervision and commissioning are included. This scope includes EPC-M&E only plus:

-Infrastructure (roads, illumination, lightning protection)

-Truck weighing station

-Fencing, gates and safety equipment

-Interior equipment, furniture

-Steel structure erection

-Earth/ concrete works

-Mechanical and electrical installation

-All civil engineering, works and delivery.

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