【 HHI Dual Fuel Generator Sets 】

Dual Fuel Generator Sets (H35DF: 2.7 MW-9.3 MW)

Hyundai Dual Fuel Power Plant

We supply Hyundai Dual Fuel Generator Sets with output rating from 1.6 MW up to 21 MW, Dual Fuel Engine allows conventional diesel engines to operate on a mixture of natural gas and diesel or HFO. The superior quality of Hyundai engines has been recognized by clients all over the world. Hyundai’s diesel engine has a lot of advantageous such as high reliability and performance, Low fuel oil consumption, Low emissions, easy to maintain and etc. Typical applications for this technology include marine propulsion, the Power Plants etc. The possibility to switch over seamlessly from gas to diesel operation and vice versa provides full flexibility in multiple applications.

All Dual Fuel engines can run on natural gas with a methane number higher than 80 without adjustments. For lower methane numbers, We can deliver well-adapted solutions. The optimised combustion chamber ensures very low fuel consumption in both operational modes. HHI has also established the global post-sale service system, provides the high-quality service from the design to post-sale for each customer.

Hyundai Dual Fuel Generator Sets Specifications
  • Gensets Model
  • Output Range (kW) 50HZ 60HZ
  • Hyundai Engine Power/Cyl.(kW) Speed (rpm)
  • PDF Data
  • H27DF
  • 1,767-2,678 1,624-2,462
  • 310/285 1000/900
  • Download
  • H35DF
  • 2,764-4,168 2,764-4,168
  • 480 750/720
  • Download
  • H35DFV
  • 5,558-9,312 5,558-9,312
  • 480 750/720
  • Download
  • H54DFV
  • 16,380-21,840 16,380-21,840
  • 1400 600
  • Download


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2. Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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