【 Caterpillar Dual Fuel Generator Sets 】

Cat Dual Fuel Generator Sets(Model: 6CM46DF)
Cat Dual Fuel Generator Sets (Model: 12CM46DF)

We supply Caterpillar Dual Fuel Generator sets with output rating from 5.2 MW to 14.1 MW. Ease of Maintenance & Reliability, modular design and integral construction reduce the number of components by 40% over conventional designs. Cat Dual fuel engines allow you to switch smoothly and seamlessly from gaseous fuel to liquid fuel operation, giving you full fuel flexibility. Cat dual fuel power plants run on gas, diesel, biofuel or heavy fuel oil (HFO). If one kind of fuel becomes difficult to obtain or prices move beyond reach, our dual fuel engines can simply be switched to another source of fuel.

Caterpillar Dual Fuel Generator Sets Specifications
  • Gensets Model
  • Output Range (kW) 50HZ 60HZ
  • MaK Engine Power/Cyl. (kW) Speed (rpm)
  • PDF Data
  • CM46DF
  • 5,290-7,930 5,290-7,930
  • 900 500/514
  • Download
  • VCM46DF
  • 10,580 /14,110 10,580 /14,110
  • 900 500/514
  • Download


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