【 Small Gas Turbine Generator Sets 】

Small Gas Turbine Generator Set (QD20: 2 MW)
Small Gas Turbine Generator Set (QDR20: 2 MW)

We supply Small gas turbine generator sets. Gas turbine generator sets power range from 1.2 MW up to 5.0 MW. The sets is developed on the basis of the aeroengine gas turbines, the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, high degree of automation, reliable starter and simple maintenance. Gas turbine generator sets can provide continuous power supply and emergency power for users, It is unattended, fast response, automatic control, stable and reliable, safety and environmental friendly in one of the high-tech products. Can used a variety of fuels for natural gas or light diesel oil, kerosene.

Soar Group can provide you with the main and auxiliary equipment of gas turbines power plants, and the relavent installation, commissioning, training and after-sales maintenance services, and also can provide diversified solutions for power plant project such as power plant EPC engineering.

Small Gas Turbine Generator Sets Specifications
  • Gensets Model
  • Power Output (MW) Heat Rate (kJ/kW.h)
  • Exhaust Temp. (℃) Exhaust Flow (kg/s)
  • PDF Data


1. Frequency 50HZ, power factor 0.8. For detailed technical parameters, please contact us.

2. 1m noise: ≤85 dB(A).

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