【 Other Liquid Gas Fuels 】

Our Gensets can adapt to a variety fuel of high, medium and low calorific value, in addition to Liquefied petroleum gas,whch can be used to generation power include DME,  Ethanol and so on.

Dimethyl ether (DME) is a flammable, colorless, slightly ether-scented gas, which is inert, non-carcinogenic but neurotoxic. It has excellent miscibility, which can be miscible with most organic solvents. Its density is greater than air. It can be mixed with air to form an explosive mixture. Its flame flared with light as it burned.

DME has the main properties of fuel, whose calorific value is about 64.686 MJ/m³, and oxygen content 34.8%. It can be fully burned with carbon-free and liquid-free. It is a clean fuel.

Due to the shortage of petroleum resources, rich coal resources and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, DME, as a clean fuel converted from coal, has been paid more and more attention and can be produced cheaply and in large quantities. It has similar physical properties with LPG, and its cetane number is higher than that of diesel oil, so it has excellent compressibility and is suitable for pressure-fired engine. NOx emission can be reduced and smokeless combustion can be achieved by replacing diesel oil with dimethyl ether. It is ideal engine fuel. At present, it is gradually applied in the field of automobile and power generation.

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