【 GE Gas Turbine Generator Sets 】

We supply GE gas turbines generator sets, products ranging in individual output from 22 MW to 519 MW, delivering operational flexibility and performance needed to adapt to a rapidly evolving power generation environment. We have a solution to reliably and efficiently deliver the power needed by utility power generators, industrial operators, and communities. Even in remote locations and harsh conditions, We can deliver a gas turbine generator set that will meet your needs.

All of our gas turbines are typically categorized as either heavy duty or aeroderivative gas turbines, although some turbines recently have adopted features of both design types. In general, the differences between the aeroderivative and heavy duty gas turbines are weight, size, combustor type, and turbine design. Heavy duty gas turbines are usually field constructed and maintained in place, whereas aeroderivative gas turbines are designed to allow for quick replacement of the entire engine when maintenance is required.

50HZ Gas Turbine Generator Sets Rating

60HZ Gas Turbine Generator Sets Rating

Soar can provide you with the main and auxiliary equipment of gas turbine power plant, and the relavent installation, commissioning, training and after-sales maintenance services, and also can provide diversified solutions for power plant project such as power station EPC engineering.

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